What a Valentine’s Day!!!

As a divorced woman Valentine’s Day can be sorta rough at times. 

Nahhh not really.  ~laffs~ people just like to think it is, the  media trys to lump all divorced and/or single people into the “lonely on V-day” category but I’m really not the type. 

Sin caused me to end up divorced and I’m now a divorced woman and the lovey dovey aspects of Valentine’s Day are over for me.

But WOW did the Lord ever use this day to openly display His love for me!!!!!    Not only did I have my three nieces over for the evening but I had someone drop off oodles and oodles of food for me.

My freezer is now FULL of boneless, skinless chicken breast, leg/thigh quarters, pork chops, hamburger.  My cabinet now has big packages of minute rice, elbow macaroni and spaghetti noodles.  There’s another huge jar of Peanut Butter down in the spinning corner cabinet and I’m sure there was something else but I’m a bit brain dead tonight (writing this in March since it took place prior to creating this blog).

What a blessing!!!!   What  B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G-SSSSSSSSS

Oh yeah, I forgot the gallon of milk and a TWENTY-FIVE pound bag of flour – they know I love to bake and now I’ll be able to bake all winter long.

The Lord is good to me.  And not only did He bless me through this couple but I know He’ll bless them for their obedience and generosity.

I’ll not be “begging bread” this winter.  The Lord is so faithful!


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