I came expecting

We had wonderful services yesterday – both the morning and the evening.  Our pastor will often ask/tell us to come “expecting”.  To have the expectation of the Spirit moving in our services, to expect a lifting of hearts and hands in praise, to expect the blessings to fall.

Yesterday morning I went into service expecting and we had a great service.  A wonderful time of praise and worship, hearing the Word, heartfelt prayers, blessing God . . . wonderful.  But yet I felt as though what we experienced was just the tip of the iceberg, as though God had so much more in store for us if only we would draw closer to him.

Throughout the afternoon I found myself craving another service, wanting more time spent in praise, wanting more of His presence, wanting – no craving more of Him and by the time last night’s service began I was EXPECTING!!!! a mighty move of God.  I was EAGER for the service to begin, felt as though I were sitting on pins and needles of excitement.  I felt it deep within me, I just knew the Lord was going to pour his spirit out.  And He did.  Oh how He did!!!!!!!

Talking with Bro. Bill after service, discussing “expecting” I likened my difference towards the morning vs the evening as my attitude at a baseball game.   Whenever I go to a baseball game I go “expecting” to see a good game, to enjoy hanging out with my friends, to enjoying myself.  BUT when I go to a championship baseball game I go EXPECTING!!!, ANTICIPATING, EAGERLY, EXCITED, PUMPED UP . . .   and that’s how I felt last night.

So will I attend services “expecting” or will I attend services EEEXXXPPPEEECCCTTTIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!

I believe God wants the latter.


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