Thrust into eternity

Were their children ready for eternity?

 Are yours?  Are mine?


Last night was just another night of Youth Choir practice for the parents and children of a small church here in Delaware.   A group of people going about their normal routine, parents dropping off the kids for practice, kids laughing and playing before practice, time spent singing, piling into the van for the return trip home, driving down the highway  when the church van was hit and then two were thrust into eternity. 




Heaven?  Hell?


Were they ready for eternity? 


We so often think that we have plenty of time . . . but we don’t.  We’re too tired tonight to discuss salvation with them . . .  but they may not have tomorrow.  Maybe they’ll get saved on Sunday . . . but these kids didn’t live until Sunday. 


We’re rushed this morning and didn’t take time to pray with them before they left for school . . . and now it’s too late.   We’ve been meaning to have family devotions but we’ve been so busy every night this week . . . and now it’s too late.


We keep meaning to spend more time praying for our youth workers . . . but we just haven’t had the extra time. 


That could have been my son or my daughter, it could have been your son or your daughter . . . are they ready for eternity?




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