8 – 10 inches

What a wonderful weekend we just had!!!!  Late Sunday afternoon, right before the evening service, it began to snow and by the time service was over we already had at least two inches.   So my son and I stayed with our Pastor and his family . . . snowed in . . . what a wonderful  mini-vacation and time of fellowship ! ! !

My son had a ball riding behind the four-wheeler on a sled.  I was able to talk for hours and do what I do best – baking sticky buns. 

We finally headed home 9ish on Tuesday morning to only find that we could barely get into our driveway because the snow plows had virtually blocked our driveway (we live on a main road).  So while I was able to get into the driveway when I attempted to back out an hour later I got stuck.  Thank the Lord my son is now thirteen years old and has enough knowledge and muscle to dig the van out of all that frozen ice/sand road  slush.

My Handsome Son

My Handsome Son


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