Sticky Buns not Cinnamon Rolls this time

For as long as I can remember my mother has made cinnamon rolls during the first snowfall of the winter. As a child I don’t know what made me happier – the thought of a snow day off school or knowing my mom would be getting out that big yellow glass bowl and making cinnamon rolls. I can remember her starting them at the first snowflake and by the time we were bundled up and out the door to play in the snow the dough would be sitting beneath a striped tea towel, slowly raising and filling the house with a wonderful yeasty scent. Depending of the time of day and the chores we had to complete we often came inside being greeted by the smell of cinnamon, just in time to all sit down together for a steamy, soft roll. Yum.

As a mother I’ve continued this tradition. Each and every (except for one) first snowfall of the year you’ll find me standing at the kitchen counter, smiling to myself as I knead the dough while strolling down memory lane. And most of the time as soon as I’m finished I call my mother to ask if she has set her dough to rise yet.

In my little corner of the woods the first snowfall and cinnamon rolls go hand-in-hand. And to be honest, most of the time every snowfall afterwards merits a pan of cinnamon rolls as well. 

And this snow was no different.  Ironically I had made a big pan on cinnamon rolls on Saturday for Sunday’s dessert so we were “all set” when it snowed that evening.  But even better than cinnamon rolls are my sticky buns and that’s what I made Monday morning as the snow continued to fall in big, fat flakes.  Two batches of sticky buns;  1- 11×14 and 1- 9×13 pan was just enough to feed a hungry crew of nine on that snowy Monday afternoon. 

And I even saw my Pastor popping the last couple of leftovers in the microwave before he headed out to begin his day on Tuesday morning.

I love baking.  I wish I could capture the feelings that I experience as I’m handling the dough.  The joy that floods my being as I’m reminded of all the dough I’ve made over a lifetime.  Oh what memories I have of baking bread, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and sticky buns.  Such precious memories.


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