Lunch $$ Praise Report

This morning as Mark Jr is leaving for school he informs me that he needs a check for his lunch account – he has just enough for today.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief because I don’t have a dime to my name and won’t until when I get a check on Wednesday night from one of my part-time jobs. So I just said “ok, I’ll see what I can do”. Turned and walked away and just said to myself “Lord, what am I gonna do?”

That was it. Not another sentence!!!! Not another thought about needing lunch money!!! It literally did not cross my mind again.

And then about 11 o’clock or so as I was sorting through a pile of junk in my bedroom guess what I found ! ! ! !

A $25.00 check from one of my part-time jobs dated DECEMBER 18th!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!

Isn’t that just amazing???? Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!!!!

Do we serve an awesome God or what?????


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