The pots are full

My son finished the planting of his first “container” garden. He started with four tomato and three pepper plants.

Times are tough around my house this Spring and I was a bit worried about how I would find the necessary supplies for my son to begin his first gardening adventure . . . . containers, soil and plants. But in true form, the Lord provided yet again!!!!

Containers: First my son went digging around the basement and found several old pots that were off in a corner. He even found some in a corner out in the yard (why they were there, I’ll never know)

Soil: My pastor, Bro. Bill Combs, offered to let my son dig up dirt at his place. So my son packed up his containers and away we went, fully expecting to walk out into the woods for my son to dig. Nope!!! My pastor had my son take the soil right out of the corner of his garden. Good soil.

Plants: A man my son does a little work for gave him a tomato plant and after our pastor had planted his own garden he gave Mark Jr both tomato and pepper plants.

The Lord will provide the desires of our hearts . . . even the desires of a 13 year old boy’s heart!!!!


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