WaWa Parking Lot

It was a misty, dreary morning and as usual the WaWa parking lot was full of people in dire need of that morning cup of coffee. And did you ever notice that people have a tendency to act uglier on the third day of nasty weather?

Anyway . . .

There I was patiently waiting to make a left turn into a parking space when this little black SUV pulls in along side me and stops. I just waited, no rushing on my part as I was running right on schedule. I glance in my rearview mirror and there’s someone behind me. I wait for her to move so I could make my turn and then I waited, and waited, and then I glance at the woman beside me and I realize that she is FUMING. I glanced over in front of her wondering if someone else was blocking her way but no one was there. I’m still not sure why she was sitting there. But there she sat. And sat. And sat.

Finally she started cussing and stomped on her accelerator and whipped around the parking lot. And I’ll admit to having that condescending thought of “there but by the grace of GOD go I” as I then pulled into my parking space. But as I sat there I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in that woman’s life that made her so nasty at 7:50am and then I realized that prior to August I probably was her. No, I “was” her.

I walked in the store saying a little prayer for her and thinking about the difference the LORD has made in my life in recent months. And then I saw that same woman standing in front of the ATM and even from the back you could see the anger radiating off her.

My heart just broke for her. A complete stranger, yet someone who Christ died for! And for some reason her rainy morning was really rotten, I don’t know why but my imagination can think of thousands of reasons why she was so full of anger that early in the morning. Maybe her teenager ran away from home, maybe her mother has breast cancer, maybe her husband lost his job, maybe…maybe…maybe…

Maybe I should just pray for her throughout the day. What a thought ! ! ! To pray for a complete stranger, having no idea of her need, just knowing that the LORD loves her just as much as He loves me!

Humming that old song “somebody prayed for me, they had me on their mind…” while I poured my coffee I decided to do just that – to pray for her throughout the day.

And it’s amazing how many times the LORD brought her to my mind. And now, twelve hours later, she special to me. She’s no longer that hateful woman at WaWa, now she’s my ???, I don’t even know what to call her. But would it sound strange to admit that I love her? That if she pulled up in my driveway I would welcome her into my home? That I wish I could pull her into my embrace and make everything all right in her world?

I’m sure someone out there can help me put this into a deep spiritual context, possibly provide me with scripture to explain what happened to me throughout this day . . . and I hope they do. But all I can tell you is that the Marlene who’s typing this experienced something new today . . . and she likes it!


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