birthday visits

For the past year and a half my daughter and I have had such problems – teen rebellion is such an ugly thing, need I say more? But for the last few months I’ve noticed a change in her. I’ve been praying, asking the LORD to “turn her heart towards home”. Now I know that she’ll never move back home, but how I’ve longed to just have a decent relationship with her, to have her want to be in our lives, to be able to love her, to trust her, to care for her. And I’ve noticed such a change and I know it’s solely the hand of GOD moving in the situation. How do you ever say enough thank yous for such a move of GOD?

Today was my forty-first birthday and my daughter showed up on my doorstep at 8:40am with a box of Dunkin Donuts and coffee for my birthday.  And then she stayed all day!!!!!

8:40am until 3:30pm

Praise the LORD!!!!


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