Beauty and joy in a colander

Last night I had someone give me a bag full of banana peppers…beautiful peppers of pale yellow, bright banana yellows, a variety of oranges, deep deep reds and vivid greens. Such beauty in a plastic grocery bag. And as I began working with them tonight I couldn’t help but see the MAJESTY in something as simple as a pile of peppers.

How humbled I felt as I realized that the LORD, in all His glorious wisdom, at the moment of creation knew that years later I would see such beauty in His creation. Ohhh He could have made them all the same color, the same textures, the same heat, but NO, for you see, He knew that on a Thursday night in 2009 that there would be a woman whose life seems so void of brightness, whose been walking miles with tear-stained eyes and she would see His work and realize that if He cared enough to make peppers beautiful surely He could make beauty out of the ashes of her life.


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