2nd shoe provision

Over the weekend the strap on my sandals came undone.  Great!  It’s only the middle of August and now I have no sandals.  And these were the ones the LORD provided for me right before going to Missouri to Youth Camp.  Did I share that story?  Hmm if not, I’ll go back and write it up cause it’s pretty amazing.

Anyway. . .

Over the weekend my sandal strap broke.  I looked it over in hopes that I’d be able to stitch it back but that wouldn’t work so I attempted to glue it together.  Yeah, that didn’t work either!

So there I stood Sunday night in the Ark Room almost in tears because I no longer had sandals and again I didn’t have the money to buy a new pair.  So what did I do?

Yes.  I prayed over about it.

LORD, I need sandals again.  There are still weeks several weeks left of summer and I need sandals.  Oh LORD what am I going to do? LORD,  I need shoes again.

Which brings me to tonight.

Tonight I went up to see Granny Carter who I haven’t seen in almost a year.  We had a wonderful visit and just as I was getting ready to leave, she says “I have something for you” and can you guess what it was?  Go ahead, take a wild guess.
It was a pair of brown sandals in MY SIZE!!!!  She had picked them up at GoodWill for $2 the other day, came home and she had a pair just like them in the closet.  And tonight she remembered that we wear the same size shoe, so she wanted to give them to me.

Isn’t it just amazing!!!


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