Tomatoes galore

Stopped in last night (Monday) to visit Granny Carter and as always, had an absolutely wonderful time of fellowship with her.  No one can make me relax the way I do when I’m around her, she makes me laugh and laugh and feel like I haven’t a care in the world.

As I was leaving her son asked if I knew anyone who would like some tomatoes and knowing that my Pastor’s wife had just mentioned that she’s like some more because she still had plenty of peppers to make salsa but her tomatoe vines were tapped out.  So I eagerly accepted tomatoes on her behalf. 

F-I-V-E Wal-Mart bags FULL and OVERFLOWING with tomatoes!

F-I-V-E ! ! !

It wasn’t until I got home around eleven o’clock that I remember that I wasn’t going to see her the following day like normal and there was no way these tomatoes would last until Thursday.  So I was going to have to can them myself.     I really don’t like canning tomatoes – think Grandmother, large garden, teenage girl . . . ‘nother story for ‘nother day.

So after working nine hours, then stopping at the grocery store, I found myself in the kitchen preparing to can tomatoes – all FIVE, FULL and OVERFLOWING bags of tomatoes when it dawned on me that I could just freeze ’em instead.  Blanch, cook, slip skin off, squish, bag and carry to the basement freezer.  Easy peasy.

Yeah right!!!  Anytime something seems too easy to be true – it probably is! 

First, I had the good sense to sort through the tomatoes and sit the best off to the side in case I ran out of time or steam to do them all . . . did I mention that there was FIVE Wal-Mart bags and that each of them was FULL and OVERFLOWING? 

Couple of hours later I had tomatoes everywhere – literally.  I had tomatoes on my counter, tomatoes on my stove, tomatoes on my floor, tomatoes on me, tomatoes everywhere!   But most importantly I had tomatoes in the freezer!

Praise the LORD!!!  Tomatoes in the freezer!  And the best part?  They were a pure, outright blessing from the LORD!


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