Blessings con’t A.K.A. tomatoes, corn & jalepenos

Tonight at the auction I was given two quarts of jalepeno peppers.  BEAUTIFUL peppers – both red and green!  I adore red jalepeno peppers.

I read somewhere recently that you could simply freeze jalepeno’s without cutting them – just give ’em a rinse, let ’em air dry, toss ’em in to freeze.

So that’s what I did.

Easy peasy.  (yeah, it really was THIS time).

Of course, that was the only part of my night that was “easy peasy” for while I was at work tonight a man came in and offered us corn at $3.00 a dozen (cheap) and while I would have liked to have some at that great price I turned him down because I simply didn’t want to have to husk it all.  In conversation I mentioned my non-husking thoughts and the man offered to husk it for me.  So I bought two dozen.  Fresh, picked just a few hours prior and husked!   Can it get any better?  What a wonderful God I serve!!!!

Thankfully it was an early night at the Sale and I was home by 1o:20pm.  But my night was just beginning then because I still had to finish the tomatoes from yesterday, plus the jalepenos and now I’d added corn to my list of late night veggies. 

Great!  Wonderful!  Who does that to herself?  Me, that’s who!  But by the time I turned off the light in the kitchen at 1:15pm I had another nine quart bags of tomatoes in the freezer, fifteen bags of corn and a gallon ziploc of jalepenos.

Ahhh what a wonderful sense of satisfaction I feel whenever I open the freezer lid.


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