Blessings in Salisbury

The past few months have been extremely hard on me.  The storms are raging daily but my anchor holds in spite of the storms!  But quite often I’m left battered and bruised and that’s when the LORD seems to be the most faithful.  And this week was one of those times.  I stand amazed at how he knows just what I need and not only does he know, but he meets the need!  What a mighty God I serve!

I’m a touchy feely person.  I’m a hugger.  If I’m standing with someone having a conversation I’ll reach out and touch the other person.  I’m a cuddler.  I’m a toucher.

I couldn’t tell you when the last time I was touched.  And I feel so empty, so void, like I’ve been drained of all love and am running on empty.

But the LORD knew it.  He knows me, he created me, and he created me this way.  He knows how desparately I needed to be touched; to feel someone’s arm around me, to be pulled into an embrace, to feel lips against my cheek.

So this week he put all the pieces into place that would fill my cup full and overflowing.  This week I drove down to Salisbury for church.  And do you know what’s special about the Salisbury people?  They’re huggers too!  I was hugged, I was kissed, I was touched, I was hugged some more. 

And I walked away full.  Able to weather the storms again.

He created me.  He knows me.  He takes care of me.

Such a wonderful Saviour.


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