Guess what’s in the bag

This morning as I stood at the closet getting out my outfit for the day, I was rather discouraged because my clothing pickings are rather slim.  I haven’t had anything new since the wonderful shirts I was able to purchase with my birthday money from my co-worker. (Remember that?  If not, scroll back and read as it’s a wonderful example of God’s provision)

Anyway…. so there I was feeling discouraged and just decided that it was payday and I was going to just break down and order myself a new shirt this morning before I even paid the first bill (today was payday).

Muttered one of those prayer thoughts:

LORD, I have GOT to have some new clothes.  I need a new shirt!  So today, I’m just gonna order one, I really need some new clothes LORD.

Feeling so discouraged, struggling with feelings of inadequacy for not being able to provide enough money to even buy myself a new shirt every now and again.  You know, just the line of lies that the devil tries to feed you.

By the time I got to work I had forgotten all about my quest to order myself a new shirt.  But it didn’t matter.

Because in walked CCW* with a bag in her hand which she promptly tossed me and said “I picked this up for you, I hope it fits.”

Care to guess what was in the bag?  Yep.  A shirt.  A light purple shirt.  And did it fit?  Of course it fit!!!!!  Do you think my God couldn’t handle something as simple as fitting clothing to me?

Isn’t the LORD just amazing?

*my Christian Co-Worker


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