More shoe prayers (and then some)

Tonight I walked out of the EH building into a beautiful cool afternoon.  Had Fall arrived while I was working?  Either it was here or I had forgotten that the temperatures were to be in the  mid-seventies all week giving us a break from the mid-ninety temperatures we’d been experiencing.

As I walked to my van I couldn’t help but think about the soon to be Fall weather and mentioned to the LORD that I was going to need new shoes soon.  The prayer/thought went something like this:

LORD, it’s almost Fall and I’m going to need new shoes.  My old shoes are shot, the soles literally have holes in them, LORD you know what they look like, and I’m going to need new shoes really soon and I just don’t have the  money.

Then as I walked along I remembered that just recently I had re-budgeted my finances and there wasn’t any extra money for a decent pair of shoes.  And at my size I really need to purchase a pair of decent shoes, not just another pair of WallyWorld shoes to get me through. So then the prayer thought went heavenward again.

LORD, I really would like a good pair of shoes, I really need to buy a good pair, like that pair I saw at Boscovs last Fall.  LORD I need you to provide for them because I simply don’t have the extra money.

And then I continued walking to my van.  The end.

Drove home, pulled up to the mailbox and guess what was in my mailbox.  Guess!

A giftcard for $50.00 with a card that insisted that I spend the $50.00 on ME…not on bills, but on ME.

Guess whose GOD provided again!!!!  Fifty is enough to get me a good pair of shoes and another shirt as well (remember the prayer from last week).

You do realize, don’t you that GOD answered my prayer BEFORE I even knew I had a need!  What a wonderful GOD I serve!!!


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