It could have been me!

Along about five o’clock tonight, I toyed with the idea of just calling my Pastor’s wife and heading over to Bible Study early tonight instead of driving all the way home to only spend fifteen minutes at home before I had to turn around and head out for Bible Study.  But then I got caught up in work for another fifteen minutes or so.  When I finally began shutting down my compute, I realized that I was really hungry so I decided to just stop and get some dinner on my way to Bible Study and read over my Sunday School lesson in preparation of Sunday.   As I began preparing to leave for the night I realized that my co-worker was almost ready to leave as well.  So I waited on her to shut-down etc so we could walk out together.  Naturally we talked all the way to our vehicles and then stood by our vans talking for another ten minutes or so.

Thankfully all the above took place.  Because if I had left when I originally planned on leaving then there’s a good chance I would have been standing in Dunkin Donuts getting a small Iced Coffee at the exact moment that the driver of a white pick-up truck had a seizure, lost control of his truck, jumped a curb, hit a parked car, and plunged into the Dunkin Donuts shop to finally come to a stand-still right at the counter where I would have been standing.



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