Thurs’ dollar

I was walking across the Wal-Mart parking lot tonight thinking about the upcoming special services at the Salisbury church this weekend; pondering where I would find the money to give in the special offering.  Like always, here it is days before a time when I want to give, but my finances are so tight that I just don’t have any extra.  I had just re-worked my budget and there just wasn’t any money for “offerings”.   So discouraging.

So there I was, about thirty feet from the door thinking to myself . . .

Hmm, wonder if I were to give every penny in my purse, would the LORD provide for me throughout the week?  I’ve heard the stories over the years how He’s worked in wondrous ways and I’ve seen Him provide so abundantly in my own life.  But what if I literally emptied out everything I had in my purse, right down to the cruddy pennies in the bottom of my purse and the couple of extra dollars I have stashed behind my work ID? My van will be filled with gas, so will I really have any “real” expenses?  But if I did, would He provide my every need?  That seems so exciting, to take a step of faith like that.  And how can I say I have nothing to give if I truly haven’t given it all?  hmmmmm

And then I looked down.

And there . . .

thirty feet from the Wal-Mart door . .

there at my feet was a dollar bill.

Just moments after I wondered if the LORD would provide if I gave everything.


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