Kellogg’s Bargain of the Week

ACME Markets has Kellogg’s breakfast items (selected items) on sale this week.   10 for $25 – that alone is a great bargain for cereal.  But when you buy ten an automatic $10 off is generated at the register bringing your cost down to 10 for $15 . . . that’s $1.50 for a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats or NutriGrain bars or Apple Jackso or Pop-Tarts 12 ct etc.  GREAT DEAL!!!

Unless your name is Marlene and you enjoy the adventure of coupon clipping and matching. 

2 boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheat bites

2 boxes of Blueberry Nutri-Grain bars

2 boxes of Cinnabon Breakfast bars

2 boxes of Special K Blueberry cereal bars

1 box Special K Crackers Multi-Grain

1 box Keebler Fudge Shoppee Cookies

$15.00 Cost

-1.00 coupon Cinnabon Bars

-1.00 coupon Cinnabon Bars

-1.00 coupon Special K crackers

-1.50/2 Frosted Mini-Wheats

-1.00/2 Nutri-Grain Bars

$8.50 Grand Total Cost


That means I paid $.85 for a box of Nutri-Grain bars!!!  $.85 for a BOX of cereal!!  And on and on.

What a blessing!!!


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