LORD why do I have all these peppers?

The big question right now seems to be “LORD, why do I have all these peppers?”  Afterall, I’m one person.  I am now a household of one.  One cook, one diner, one.  So please tell me the purpose of my having three quart freezer bags stuffed full of chopped Hungarian Wax Peppers, two quart freezer bags stuffed (and I do mean STUFFED) with julienned Garden Salsa Hot Peppers, a Wal-Mart bag full of frozen green bell peppers, a gallon Ziploc bag of frozen jalapeno peppers, five jelly jars of Pineapple Habanero Grilling sauce, a dozen jars of Hot Pepper Jelly, and a cookie sheet of Habanero Peppers  as well as a pizza pan of red Garden Salsa Hot Peppers drying in my oven. 

LORD, why do I have all of these peppers?  Is there a purpose?  A plan?  Cause one person can only eat so much Pepper Steak and Jambalaya.

Actually it’s sorta exciting wondering what the LORD has in store for this abundant provision of peppers.


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