Gumboro Mud Bog

Mark Jr and I met up with BJ/SB at lunchtime and headed out on our first excursion to the Gumboro Mud Bog.  Oh my goodness!!!!  We had an absolute blast!   Since we arrived two hours early in order to get a great seat (which we did),  we just sat back and enjoyed two hours of fellowship with each other as we watched the trucks come in off the street, the trailer or being pulled by a tractor trailer.

It was so much fun.  FUN.  Good clean fun.  I never heard a single bit of foul language nor did I see a beer can or bottle.  Unfortunately, because it was an outside event there were a few people smoking, but due to the rigid Delaware smoking laws there’s a drastic decline in smoking out in public.   

The only thing I didn’t like was having to listen to the country music blaring out of the speakers prior to the event starting.  But beyond that, even the weather cooperated to give us an absolutely wonderful day.   

And then to top it off we were invited back to BD/SR place for dinner and fellowship – evidently the Salisbury folks had an imprompt evening throw-together and we were invited along with the rest. 

What a great day!!!!   Afterall, it’s not every day you get to see a truck roar over a 200 foot stretch of mud in 3.088 seconds.


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