an old friend

Earlier this week I heard from an old friend that I haven’t seen or talked to in twenty years yet there was unfinished business between us. Explanations made, forgiveness sought, secrets that needed to be revealed, more forgiveness sought, and then forgiveness given, so many years of heartache dealt with. 

I often picture it as God’s unfailing forgiveness loosening the heavy chains of bondage and guilt from our sin.  As a result of His forgiveness they drop at our feet.  The chains are broken, PRAISE THE LORD, I’m forgiven!!!!   Forgiving ourselves allow us to step out of the chains and walk away from them.  You’ll always be able to turn and see that big old ugly chain pile of sin bondage, but now they’re a memory.  Don’t go back and pick up your chains.

And I can’t help but wonder if I’m not guilty of too often turning and looking at the chains of bondage.  And even though I’ve moved far past them sometimes I look down to see if I’m still ensnared.  While I *know* the blood of Jesus and it’s saving power broke the chains of bondage . . .  as I was typing this entry the song Your Grace and Mercy began blaring through the speakers.



Justice demanded that I should die
but grace and mercy said oh no oh no oh no
we’ve allready paid the price
I once was blind but thank God I can see
it was because grace and mercy came along
and rescued me

Your grace and mercy
brought me through
I’m living this moment
because of You
I want to thank You and praise You too
Your grace and mercy
Your grace and mercy
Your grace and mercy
brought me through


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