four month recap

My life since the middle of June has been horrible for me (but I really haven’t written about any of it, instead I’ve attempted to focus on the multiple blessings) but as I’ve said many times in the last four months – as much as it’s hurt, as much as I thought I wouldn’t make it, as many tears as I’ve cried . . . it’s been WORTH IT!!! to draw so much closer to the LORD.   There’s nothing quite like an upheaval in your life to make you cry out to Jesus, when you’ve hit rock bottom and can do nothing but cry out to him, when even the words won’t come, when your Bible is always within arms reach, when there are times you just clutch it to your chest and cry out to Him, when the pages are stained with tears . . . ohhh those are sweet, sweet times.  And I wouldn’t trade it!!!!   

The Process Server dropped court paperwork off to me yesterday and my stomach dropped, my hands started to shake, and the dread began . . . but then I just smiled and laid ’em on the counter and began to wonder how the LORD would work this out.  Because there is NO WAY, absolutely NO WAY that I can do what needs to be done, now I have to simply wait to see what the LORD does.  And ya know what?  When you reach that point it’s actually rather exciting!!
Today I’m battle weary, my sword arm is tired….but frozen to the sword, I’m scarred and battered.  Yet I’ll drag myself into church this morning, and there I’ll feel the sweet, sweet presence of the LORD just as I felt Him here with me yesterday.   And just like yesterday, and just like tomorrow, I know He’ll minister to me, He’ll wipe my tears away, and continue to lead me along this way.
Love the LORD, serve Him with your WHOLE heart, and watch Him move!!!!


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