Eggs and jars galore

Tonight I walked away from the auction with about twenty dozen eggs and probably close to seventy-five canning jars.  Maybe more eggs, maybe more jars.

The Salisbury church members asked me to get eggs this week.  And like always I told Amber that I’ll take ten dozen at $1.50 but a lot more if they go below a dollar a dozen…. once last year she got me 20 dozen at $.25 a dozen.    Anyway, Amber was able to get me 10 @ $1.30 and some at $.40 and more at $.30.   I counted at least 20 dozen but there could be more, I’m just too tired to count them all.

Amber was also able to grab me two dozen brand new jelly jars today, both still in their original packaging.   And since I was clerking in the backroom tonight I came across an entire table full of canning jars.  A canners dream table!  The first box I bid on I snagged for $9.00 – seems high except it wasn’t the original box but just a plain cardboard box that probably had at least twenty pint jars in it.  Another woman bid and took the second box for $4.00 and then they came up for bid again.  WHAT A WONDERFUL LORD I SERVE!  No one else bid on them so I was able to pick-up all SEVEN boxes for $1.00 a box!  WOW!  And each box at more than a dozen in it.

Once I’ve sorted through them and checked each one for chips and/or cracks, I’ll still have a massive bargain if I only get a dozen jars out of each box. And I’m certain I’ll get much more than that!  Canning jars run anywhere from $9.00 to $15.00 a dozen and I just bought oodles of them for $16.00

What a blessing!!!


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