Sadly I think it’s time . . .

. . . for me to think about another vehicle.  My poor old van has been on its last leg for two years now.  It’s definitely lasted much longer than I ever expected…thirteen years and 192,000 miles.

In the last year and a half I’ve had it in the shop numerous times.  I’ve replaced a battery, an alternator, a starter, a power steering pump, and something or another to do with the serpintine belt, and one other thing but I can’t remember what was replaced.  She’s left me at WaWa, Food Lion, the nursing home, my driveway and now Dunkin Donuts.

Ironically (and thankfully)  every incident has happened on a pay weekends.   Unfortunately, today isn’t a pay week so I’ve broken that stunning record.

Nope, there wasn’t a paycheck deposited in my bank account today, so when I dropped it off at Scotti’s I had to ask them to not even work on it until the end of next week as I definitely don’t have enough to pay for anything to be worked on, much less replaced.

I’m barely keeping my head above water and now this.  This is a time where the LORD will definitely have to move in a mighty way because there’s absolutely  no way I can handle a car payment.   I have a bit of money coming in the end of May that I had hoped to use to pay off two years of back taxes but sadly I guess I’ll have to use it to buy a vehicle. This is so hard.


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