Possible rental

I called several places today in my quest to “downsize” . . . that means find CHEAPER rent!

Found one that seems to have potential.  It’s an older building that’s been converted into apartments but it’s in Smyrna a little town about a half hour north of my job (I live about twenty minutes south of my job)…all depending on morning traffic.  And Smyrna is actually closer to church – about 15 minutes vs 40 minutes.  Of course, it’s much farther away from Dill’s but Dill’s is only once a week versus twice a week or more for church.  It’s also much farther away from my elderly mother.

There’s an efficiency on the third floor for $500.  A one bedroom on the first floor for $585 and a two bedroom but I forget how much the rent is for that unit.

I just can’t go down to an one big room efficiency apartment.  I just can’t.  I’m having a hard enough time dealing with the notion of a place with a very small kitchen.  I’ve worked so hard for so long to keep this little house with it’s big kitchen, three bedrooms, full basement and large living room.   And as it is, I’m having to give up my home, but having a “very small” kitchen.  Dear LORD, You’re gonna have to help me because this is so not what *I* want!

So I’ve made a tentative appointment with the woman to meet on Monday, April 5th since I’m off work that day to look at the apartment.

The landlord seems very pleasant and I simply explained to her that I had been renting a three bedroom house for seven years but now that my children have both moved out I was ready to downsize.  She was QUITE happy when I told her I had been at the same place for seven years…reflects stability, continual rent payments and a non-issue renter (LOL if she only knew ha-ha).

Because of that, she’s willing to forego the last months rent and only wants the security deposit plus first months rent.  Which I hope she’ll hold to once she finds out that I’ve been late with my rent for the past four months.

We shall see, we shall see.

The irony is that it’s only one street over from where I rented my very first apartment.  A small one bedroom apartment that was part of an older house converted into three apartments.  Thought I was supposed to be going forward in life, not backwards.


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