Aunt Mert and Mark Jr

I was up and on the road bright and early this morning.  A beautiful spring morning, the sun was shining, gently warming the van, an hour long drive to Salisbury allowing me plenty of time to focus on the things of the LORD, relaxing in His presence, simply talking and praying as the miles slipped by.

Sis. Lisa and I headed out to visit her Aunt Mert, an elderly woman, 80+ years who can work circles around me, I do not know where she gets her energy, but I know where her strength comes from.  Just spending an afternoon with her was such an encouragement to me, another time the LORD used to show me how fulfilling life can be when you’re a woman alone, I went to visit with the mindset of ministering to her but instead the LORD taught me so much during this visit.

Called Mark Jr on my way home, stopped and picked him up and took him to IHOP for dinner.  A bite to eat that turned into a three hour meal, we sat and laughed and talked and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.  It was the best time I’ve had with my son since he moved down to his Dad’s.  The LORD knew how desperately I needed that time with my son, HE knew how my heart has been aching, and HE, once again, met my need.  HE always does!


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