Please LORD . . .

For several weeks now, I’ve been watching the paper, Craigs List, and putting out the word that I’m looking for a new place to live.  I don’t want to move, but I simply can no longer afford to live in my perfect-for-me little house.  So I’ve been making calls, seeing places and preparing myself emotionally for a move.  And praying lots!

So this weekend as Mark Jr and I drove around we saw several places, at each one I quickly whipped out my cell phone and placed calls.  One of the landlords called me back and Mark Jr and I turned around and headed back to look at what was advertised as a “2 bedroom bunglaow”. 

I walked in the door and instantly hated it, HATED it, and began praying in my head “LORD please don’t make me live here. LORD please don’t make me live here!”  Hours later as I sat and prayed about it, I was finally able to pray for the LORDS will to be done, realizing that I want to be where HE wants me to be more than I want to live in a place I like. 

But I never felt any peace about that place and logically there were many more “cons” than “pros”.


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