We were supposed to be packing…

…but instead Wendie and I walked through this house refreshing her memory of what I own and then we went over to the new place to look around.  I pulled a tape measure and a pad of paper out of my purse and we proceeded to plot where we would put all my furniture.  My current place has three bedrooms, the new place sorta has two….you have to walk through one to get to the back bedroom.  But since I often have people stay over during special services/revivals and hope to open up my house even more for people to stay with me since I’ll now only be twenty minutes from church so I don’t want people having to walk through one bedroom to get to another.  And there were three rooms I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with…. make ’em into a dining room? a living room?  a den?  a bedroom? a study?  Who knows – but that’s where Wendie comes in because she’ll be the one who hangs the curtains, arranges the furniture and decorates the walls as that is one gene I do NOT possess! 

In the end, I’ll have a front living room, a dining room, a den (with a daybed), and sewing room.

Thank God for Wendie!


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