I conquered the basement

Well, I finally finished the basement.  That job was probably as big, if not bigger, than  the attic.  Mark Jr and Rachel and I made a start on it two weeks ago before the yard sale but we were basically just sorting through six years worth of stuff deciding what was worth selling.  But today I finished it off.

There’s now a pile along one wall waiting to be hauled off to the dump and a pile along another wall waiting to be carted off to the new place.  I emptied out and unplugged the chest freezer and hauled all that foodstuff over to Elizabeth’s for her to store for a couple of days.  I took all the FisherPrice toys that we’re keeping outside and scrubbed them all down, including the toybox that’s almost as old as Rebekah!  Best $20.00 I ever spent!

I also cleaned the washer, the dryer and the freezer because two of my friends from DSU are going to come over tomorrow and haul  them all upstairs and put them out in the trailer for me. 

So finally there’s some part of my house that is neat and organized.  The rest of my house is setting my teeth on edge because it’s just tore apart and boxes are piled all over the place in preparation for moving.   I’m living out of two small totes in my kitchen – one with food, one with dishes.  My kitchen table is piled high with stuff, my bathrooms are stripped bare and all three bedrooms are piled high with things ready to be packed into the trailer and driven across town to the new place.  My loveseat?  Oh, I’m sure it’s in this living room somewhere.  I’m just not sure where.  And there’s just enough room on the sofa for me to sit…not that I’ve had time to sit, but if I ever do, there’s room.

But as of right now my basement looks wonderful!  Neat!  Organized!  Yes, there’s still a lot of stuff there but it’s neat and organized, so I can handle it.

Maybe I’ll go sleep in the basement tonight.


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