My heart is heavy

I just received very bad news about someone I once loved deeply.  My heart is heavy and in some ways I feel responsible even though I know their difficulties are a direct result of their sinful life.   I feel responsible because I so often pray that the LORD will do whatever it takes to bring this person to his knees, to a place where he realizes his need for a Saviour.  Where he can encounter a righteous and just yet merciful GOD.

But my heart aches watching this very thing happen.  And I want to “do” something. What?  How?  But there’s nothing for me to do.  Nothing but pray.  But how do I pray?  If I know he needs to be brought face-to-face with a HOLY GOD, then how dare I pray that the LORD remove these things from his life?  that the LORD comfort him? that the LORD bring peace? 

Ohh, it’s easy to respond and tell me that I need to pray that the LORD’s will be done.  But it’s so much harder to put into practice because I don’t know the LORD’s will and what if that end result is this man being driven even lower than he already is?   But I must pray that way!  I must continue to believe that the LORD is in control, that His ways are greater than my ways.

But you still have to let the Lord work – they can’t reach rock bottom if we keep filling up the hole.
 ME:  This is truly one of those times where all I can do is PRAY… but how do I pray?
HER:   just like you’re talking to me.  Tell the Lord how you feel – it doesn’t have to be pretty.  To lay it all out there.  He knows anyway.
ME:  but am I to pray that the LORD keeps him out of jail?
HER:    you pray for the Lord’s perfect will to be done – whatever that is

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