The Final Night in The Little House on the Highway

Well, tonight’s the night.  My final night in this little house we’ve so fondly referred to as “The Little House on the Highway” for the past seven years. 

This was where Rebekah brought her first boyfriend.  Where Mark Jr climbed through windows when we locked ourselves out.  The pull-up bar Mr. Brian installed for Mark Jr.  Before they had licenses this is where the teenagers would congregate every weekend, not leaving until “pumpkin time”…. our reference to my turning transforming at one o’clock in the morning like Cinderella.  The house where Mark Jr had New Years Eve parties during his elementary days.  Where Mama Cox was named, where countless teenagers were given “the rules” during their first visits.  Where Mark Jr and I would veg-out on Black Friday refusing to even get out of our PJs.  The house where there three of us would crank up the stereo and listen to “Lean on Me” while dancing around the house.  Where we’d cuddle on the couch and watch The Sound Of Music.  Where we tried to explain “wish” to Tati.  Where countless ears of cob corn were placed on the squirrel feeder Mark Jr made me.  So many wonderful memories.

But this is also the house where we held our last meal with UncleAndy before he died. The porch where I stood crying as I watched Rebekah leave for her deployment to Afghanistan.    The window Mark Jr climbed out of when he was so angry with his sister that he would walk through a room where she was.   The kitchen where I stood to watch the man I loved pull out of my driveway for the final time. The corner where Rebekah sunk down and cried in after a bad episode with her Dad.  The house mark Jr broke into when I wasn’t home because he wanted to move out to his Dad’s without telling me. 

So many memories.  Thankfully there are many, many more good memories than bad.  But it’s all coming to a close now.   I’m going to miss this house.  It’s a beautiful house, three bedrooms, full basement, attic, 1.5 baths, living room, and kitchen.  I love this place.  And I’ll only be living here for just a few more hours. 

This is hard.


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