Moving weekend

Yesterday’s move went wonderful!!!   I had seven teen/adults workers, three tweens and three toddlers.  Everyone arrived at 8:30am when we proceeded to pack my entire house in a truck and trailer,  then drove across town,  unloaded it all, put together my bed, hook up the washer/dryer and eat lunch all by 12:45pm.  FOUR and a quarter HOURS is all it took!!!   Praise the LORD!!!

Then later Liz and the kids came out and they helped me put my bedroom to rights, KK hung the shower curtains, Rachel lined the kitchen cabinets and DJ helped Mark Jr move the furniture around.  Two rooms are now livable, and that’s exactly what I wanted accomplished by the end of the day.

It was so nice to swing over to church in twenty minutes.  What a blessing!!!  Twenty minutes is so much quicker than forty-two minutes! 

Now to just unpack the rest of the house.


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  1. Hi!

    So glad to hear that your move went smooth and fast! Hopefully your unpacking will be the same. I know it’s alot of work!! God bless you!!

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