Cleaning 1897

I was at the old house and cleaning by 9:15am this morning.  I scrubbed walls, I wiped down baseboards, I cleaned window frame and doorjams, I swept, I mopped, I worked up a sweat.  And that was just the FIRST room. 

Then another room.

Another room.

Another room.

I was supposed to have several people come over and help me clean.  But they weren’t available, it was completely up to me.  I only had today, then Monday and Tuesday but I couldn’t count on either of those days in case I was called for a Jury.

After the first hour or so, I began quoting portions of scripture to myself, seeking strength from my Creator; knowing full well, I (in my own strength) wasn’t capable of cleaning that entire house by myself.  I am well aware of my physical limitations, so I sought an outside source – or should I say “an inside source”.   

I remember several times climbing up a small step-stool and praying LORD you help Aunt Mert when she has things like this to do, I need the same strength you give her.

And a little over eight hours later I finally called it quits.  I just couldn’t take another step.  I was beyond exhausted.  I had no strength left inside me, but I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish and how long I had been able to work. 


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