Blessings Abound

I took off work today because I had the FIOS man, the Pardee Gas man and the electrician all coming out to the house this morning.  Now I have internet, my gas lines have all be tested and are in working order and I have a new heater and an additional outlet.

I also have two beautiful brown rockers sitting on my porch.  Wendie and the girls came by around lunchtime to help me unpack and hang curtains and whatnot.  I was sitting outside on the adirondeck chairs Wendie had bought me when I first moved into this house, when she pulled up and the girls began unloading brown rockers.  Evidently her mother-in-law sent them to me . . . I am so very blessed!!!  They’re like new. There is literally not a scratch on either one of them.   By the end of the day we had almost two rooms completed, including my dining room which has new curtains and decorations – it’s my favorite room!

It was such a blessed day.  First the rockers, then when we went to Target to pick-up curtains etc, Wendie gifted me with the curtains and several other things as a house-warming gift. 

Then later on tonight when I checked the mail I found a big check from my friend Robin, designated as a “housewarming” gift.  So off I went to Ollies and found an air conditioning unit!!! 

The LORD certainly poured out the blessings today.


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