Peppers, peppers and more peppers

I still have a bushel of Hungarian Wax peppers sitting in my living room floor, sitting UN-PROCESSED.  Why? Because I ran out of vinegar. 

Several months ago Amber had asked me if I would can some Pineapple Habanero Grilling Sauce for her in addition to some Hot Pepper Jelly if she would buy all the supplies (Certo, lids/rings, sugar, vinegar and peppers).  I gladly agreed to help her out expecting to do up a recipe of each, maybe two. 

When I  arrived at the sale on Wednesday night I put in a requst from the man working the produce sale for him to buy me certain boxes of peppers. Unbeknownst to me, Amber had ordered an entire BUSHEL of peppers from two Dill’s customers on Wednesday afternoon. So thanks to lack of mis-communication between her and I my house was overrun with peppers on Wednesday night.

There was a bushel of Hungarian Wax Peppers (yellows), three quarts of Jalapeno’s, five flats of Hungarian Wax (orange and reds), two quarts of Cherry Peppers, one quart of ???.  I’m not sure what type of peppers were in the last quart.  I’ve spent some time Googling peppers varieties and I think they’re Kung Pao peppers which are similar to a Cayanne Pepper but smaller.  I don’t know.  So I just used them to add a jolt of color into the yellow Hungarian Wax Pepper Rings. 

Peppers, peppers and more peppers!   (and I’m loving it!)



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