Still feeling rough

I finally made it in to work this morning.  I still feel poorly.  I have no energy, my limbs feel lethargic (just my limbs, not my mind) and all I want to do is sleep.  At least the headache has finally passed completely.

You know you’re feeling bad when other people commit on how pale you are and the dark circles beneath your eyes make you look like you’ve been out on a three day drunk. 

I finally broke down and called my doctor after I went to ACME mid-afternoon to pick-up some lunch and thought I was going to pass out right there in the checkout lane.  It really scared me.  Something is going on with  my body to make me feel this badly.  My initial thought yesterday was that perhaps my iron count was just really low (would explain the dark circles under my eyes) but after the ACME incident I’m left wondering if it is my blood pressure or my blood sugar.  It’s something!

Wanna know a secret?  When I’m sick I’m terrified of being alone because if something were to happen to me, no one would know.  Pretty scary stuff.


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