I just wish…

I didn’t get Mark Jr last weekend because his Grandmother “needed” him to sit with his Grandfather while she had bloodwork done on Saturday and Sunday.  Have you ever heard of someone have bloodwork done on the weekend?  Not around here!

This weekend he “needed” to help his Dad finish a big job before the customer comes on Monday morning.  When I dealt with M-Sr, he just kept repeating to me that my son keeps insisting that he helps him this weekend.  The son insisting he work vs going for visitation to the mother he’s angry with. 

Hmmm.  Again, for the umpteenth time I reminded M-Sr that HE was the parent and M-Jr was the child. 

There’s been nothing but trouble with my son for several months now. First one thing, then another. 

I just wish my ex-husband could grasp the concept that my son needs a PARENT not a friend.   That you don’t reward ugly behavior, disobedience and ongoing attitude problems by going out and buying a fourteen year old boy a pick-up.

Oh yeah.  And then hide the purchase from the boys MOTHER! 

I just wish M-Sr would remember that M-JR has two parents. 

I just wish M-Sr would drop off the face of the earth.


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