First visit with my SoldierGirl

I just spent the last several hours with my daughter and her boyfriend!!!!  They got here about 9:20pm and left a few minutes before midnight.  She wanted to see the house and we walked through and talked and talked, then she flopped on the day bed and we all talked and talked, and then flopped on the couch and talked and talked…. and then she wanted her feet rubbed so I did that and we talked and talked, and then she flipped over and wanted me to scratch her head… which I used to do for her a lot, although it’s more of stroking her hair than scratching her head… she lays with her head in my lap and we talked and talked and talked some more.
It was MORE than I ever dreamed possible!!!

It’s one thing to know your soldier is home from Afghanistan and is safe.  It’s quite another to finally hold her in your arms. I’m reminded of that moment after giving birth when you don’t want to let go of this precious child (did that), counting all her fingers and toes (did that too), stroking the softness of her face (yep, did that as well) and thanking GOD …that your child is safe, healthy and whole (and I definitely did that!!!!). I love my SoldierGirl.

Two weeks of leave then she’ll be heading back to Afghanistan for another couple of months.  But her deployment is winding down and end is in sight. 

I’ll just continue to pray for her protection and well-being.


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