Day 3 and still on track

But the caffeine withdrawal headache is about to do me in and send me high-tailing it out the door to Dunkin Donuts! 

I went grocery shopping last night so now I have no excuse for not eating healthy the next few days.  My problem is that I’m not in the mood to eat healthy!  I’m in the mood for General Tso’s Chicken  dumped over a pile of white rice with a Shrimp Roll on the side.  Oh!  And a Pesi (with caffeine) to wash it down.

Instead I had Fiber One cereal, strawberries and skim milk for breakfast and I’m having a Flat-Wrap with turkey,  loaded with greens and onions, and I’m splurging and having pepperjack cheese as well.  But instead of three or four slices, I’m only going to have one, maybe two if I’m starving.

Walked seven minutes on the treadmill this morning.


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