Day 4 and I’m still at it

This morning got off to a rough start because I decided to forego my normal Thursday morning DunkinDonut coffee.  I just couldn’t bring myself to slurping down 300+ calories and I know from past experience I don’t drink my water in the  morning if I have coffee sitting at my desk.  So no coffee.

BIG MISTAKE!!!  Because when I got to work I realized that I didn’t have any cereal so I had nothing on hand for breakfast.  No coffee.  No breakfast.  Bad morning. 

Finally I went digging around and found a box of Kashi cereal which was a bit stale but edible.  Anything is better than going hungry.

Lunch was good.  Dinner was better.  Eight minutes on the treadmill this morning but I’m just too wiped out to walk tonight.  Tomorrow.


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