When Christmas is Painful


When Christmas is Painful

December 22, 2010

Sparkle. Shine. Music. Sweetness.

Laughter. Magic. Wonder.

Parties. Peace. Friends. Family.

Packages. Ribbon. Anticipation.

They say this is it, don’t they?

This is Christmas. This is the holiday season.

But what about… when it… isn’t?

What about when the sparkle can’t be found? What about when laughter stings? What of the moment when one realizes the music has ceased to play?

Pain. It comes like a fog and wraps itself around the soul.

Mourning what was. Wishing for what might have been. Wondering why… why…

The clock stops for no man. The calendar days march on. And hearts are trampled under the resounding drum beats.

Who sees the one, crouched in the corner, wiping the tears while the party goers dance on?

Does anybody see through the fog, hear past the music, to the heart crying for mercy?

He sees.

He sees.

Do you recall that baby? The one wrapped in none but dust-stained cloth?

Do you remember?

He grew.

He grew, that baby, into a man; God wrapped in mere human-skin.

He loved, He healed, He carried,

He died.

He hung, His back pressed against splintering wood,

and He thought of you.  

He thought of your hurt.

He felt it.

He knew the cause. He knew the loss. He knew the weight.

He heaved His last breath

and He took it.

He took the pain. He took the load you carry.

He didn’t cause its existence to cease. He didn’t blot it out of history’s ledger.

But He pulled it to Himself, brought it upon His own shoulders and He wrapped you in a blanket of love. He took your hand and gave you strength from His own, a reason to walk.

He whispered, gently, convincingly, “Take my yoke upon you, dear one, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Your pain is real. It fills you and seeps from your pores. It sucks the life from your heart.

But that baby? The newborn Messiah, held close in His mother’s arms in on a cold night?

He is power. He is strength. He is comfort. He is love.

And He came to give it it to you.

Won’t you let Him hold you this year?



I spend so much of my life knowing that no one “sees” me.  No one knows.  People see what they want to see.  They look at the surface, anything more takes effort, takes time, takes commitment…  anything more and you might get your hands dirty.  And who wants to do that?  Sadly, few of us.

But this evening as I sat here reading blogs, killing time, I found this entry that speaks so loudly to my soul.  For while no one else may “see” me, HE DOES!  While no one else may know of the tears I cry, HE KNOWS!  While no one else knows of my heartache, HE KNOWS!

He knows me!  And HE LOVES ME!

And when my heart is heavy because I know there are others hurting, He KNOWS them.  He knows YOU!  And He LOVES YOU!


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