Good friends!!!

My house looks absolutely AMAZING tonight!  Wendie was supposed to come over this morning to help me hang the curtains I sewed for my kitchen and then she and her daughter, Danielle, were going to take down my Christmas tree since I’m allergic to it. 

They ended up not arriving until mid-afternoon but she also brought her husband David and Danielle’s boyfriend Kade.  And did they ever work!

The tree is down, the totes are packed and put back in the attic.  The kitchen curtains are hung, the hearts I use to decorate my kitchen are finally all up on the walls.  Kade/Dani moved my living room furniture back the way it’s supposed to be and Kade struggled with hanging an old family heirloom picture of my great-great-great Aunt Delilah – the picture is big and the house walls are crappy!  But he finally got it up.  Then David hung the rack in my laundry room so I can hang my work clothes up to dry in there instead of all around the house.

Wendie/Dani put more Americana themed items up in the dining room as well as the large frame with certicate, pins and a flag flown during a mission while Rebekah was in Afghanistan. 

David tried to fix my washer but evidently it’s time for a new one.  Looks like I’ll be heading to the laundrymatt for a few months unless God suddenly opens up the door for me to find a used one extremely (read EXXXXXTREMELY cheap)  I’m so broke I can’t even afford a used washer, much less a new one. 

And then they hung everything up in the living room (I’ve been here for six months and haven’t hung a thing).  And even screwed the photo corkboards up down the hallway for me.

All that work just because they love me.  Four people, four hours and all I had to do was back a big pan of cinnamon rolls.  And laugh.  I laugh when I’m around that family – they work hard and laugh hard while doing it. 

They’re good to me and I love them immensely!


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