another blessing

Ten one pound packages of deer chip steak and eighteen one pound packages of deer burger.

And as always God was “right on time” as I was down to my last package of deer steak and my final three pounds of deer burger.

Even better was when I asked Dawn how much the butcher’s fee was and immediately following her response of “$60.00” the very next sentence was “but you can give it to me when you have it. We have a two income house and we can wait on it.” Happily I was able to tell her that I’ll be receiving some overtime money in an upcoming check mid-February and will pay her then. Even better was when she then responded and told me that if I wanted to just give her a little bit every week, I could do that too.

My freezer is now full. I have plenty of red meat and I caught boneless, skinless chicken breast a week or so ago very cheap at Bylers and bought several packages and all this in addition to the thirteen plus quarts of chicken stock I made two weeks ago.

Thank you LORD for your blessings on me!


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