Tonight, for the second time this week I made an excellent dinner!!! Last week I had picked up a pack of wheat tortillas to make steak tacos with but instead I’ve made quesadillas twice, and both times have been out of this world!

Tuesday night – sauted onions and yellow pepper (its yellow but I’m inclined to think the container is full of yellow Hungarian Wax and not your traditional yellow pepper because I don’t remember picking up any regular yellows at Dill’s but know there was an OVER abundance of Hungarian Wax this summer). ANYWAY… onions, yellow peppers sauted until almost soft… then I dumped in about 1/4 cup of black beans and sauted them until the entire pan was nothing but bits and pieces of YUM!! Then I dumped that and added in some deer chip steak with a very light sprinkle of cumin. Slapped it all onto the wheat tortillas, grilled them and YUMMMM what a good dinner.

Tonight I shredded some leftover rotisserie chicken and then squished some fire roast peppers until they were just a blob on the cutting board, mixed the chicken and peppers and let them sit to do their thing. Then I melted some LOL margarine and sauted just a couple of tablespoons of onion, then added this Corn Salsa/Salad/whatever it is from the ACME salad bar…ok, so maybe I stood there and made sure I picked out a whole lot more black beans into my little plastic container than I should have, but I can’t help it, I’m on a black bean kick lately. ANYWAY…. onion, corn stuff until bits and pieces. Pushed it over to the side of the skillet, tossed in another tablespoon of LOL, dumped in the chicken/fire roasted pepper concoction and cooked it until it was heated through and at the YUMMM stage. And again, a little cheese, a little stuff and a grilled wheat tortilla…

TWICE in one week!!!!


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