Short night at Dill’s

Sat with Big Ed for a couple of hours this morning, his pain growing steadily worse, it was very hard to watch.

Wendie and Cortney took me to lunch.

Dills – should have been a good night – pig night, warm temperatures etc. But I had to leave early because I heard Mark SR passed out in the hospital hallway while taking M-Jr to visit his UncleEddie. So, to the ER I went. Only worked 45mins at Dill’s. M-SR was decent to me in the ER when others were around, he even looked me in the eye even though the sneer was still on his face.

I’m almost out of shampoo. The kind I must have because of this crazy water I have. I have $10 in the back of my wallet that I’ve been holding onto since I only have $3.79 to my name. The shampoo is $10. I’m afraid to spend it. I might use regular and just not comb my hair out completely until next Friday when I get paid.

Broker than broke.

The dark cloud is looming close by every day and I’m finding it harder each day to not slide beneath it. I’m scared. I’m afraid I’ll go down and won’t get back up.


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