Baking from the pantry

So this cooking from the pantry thing has been going pretty well the last few weeks. Thankfully, living by yourself is condusive to strange meals that don’t include normal fare. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I ever again had the opportunity to cook “normal” meals…you know… meat, potatoes, veggies, bread, dessert… whole meals, not just one pot or one sandwich etc. ANYWAY…

So I’ve done pretty good and the couple of times I’ve had to buy groceries it was primarily “bread and milk” type things or in my case “milk & breakfast”. I only spent $9.00 this week and $2 of that was on mini choc chips to make my sister-in-law Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles for her birthday.

ANYWAY…. the point would be!… until tomorrow. Because I’ve been pegged to bring “several” desserts to Jackie’s Dad’s funeral. SEVERAL being the key word here. I was told they’re expecting 100 people. And Aunt Daisy and Elizabeth are both making a dessert and Kim is making that Vanilla Pudding Mousse stuff that I think is so incredibly nasty but others seem to love it. No one else has mentioned dessert. NO ONE ELSE!!! And I’ve heard what all the normal family members are bringing.

Which means I’ll be heading to the grocery store tomorrow. I’m already short $250 on my electric bill and now I’m going to tap into my rent money to buy baking supplies. I’ve spent the past hour or so sifting through recipes but my baking shelf has grown steadily bare in the past two months. I mean, I know compared to most peoples, it’s full. But it’s not.

At this point I think I might make three sheet cake sized things – Texas Sheet Cake, Banana Bars and Pumpkin Bars. Or maybe I’ll just make a Pig Cake, a Pineapple Upside Down Cake and an Angel Food cake. And if I can make time I’ll make more CCCD truffles, Red Velvet Cake Balls and maybe Peanut Butter Balls. Or I might just throw together a Pretzel Salad and Frog Eye Salad.

I would LOVE to make everything I mentioned, but my budget just doesn’t allow it right now. The sad part is that people know that’s how I “bake and bring” so no one thinks anything of it. But right now, I just can’t.

I’m not even going to church tonight so I can save the gas to have for the viewing. UGHH I need another part-time job.

~~~~~After rooting and sorting through the pantry I realized I can make a Texas Sheet Cake, Banana Bars, Doublemints and a Pig Cake with the sole purchase of two bananas, one cream cheese and a tub of Cool Whip. I’ll start with that!! And go from there.


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