A raven not a dove

A couple of weeks ago Andrea gave me a copy of a sermon preached back in November…The source is gone. It was a powerful message of encouragement that I needed…right then! Not back in November, but here and now the end of February, first part of March.

There’s one line where the preacher mentions that as Christians when God uses an unlikely source to provide for us, we look down our noses at “the raven” and want “a dove” (1 Kings, Chapter 17 Elijah being fed by ravens).

I had that exact experience this week. A source of income had come in that I looked at and while I was thankful that it came in, there was a part of me that wished that it had come from a “nicer, Christ-like” source. God used a “raven” and I wanted a “dove”.

Oh to simply develop a heart of gratefulness and thanksgiving!


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