I’m going to hurt him!!!!

My right calf is KILLING me!!! And I would like to KILL MY BOSS!!!!!!!

Dear Marlene:

When you told me you had completed the stats that were messed up, I assumed you had sent them to Mr. Jackson.

She called at 4 p.m., inquiring where they were. She is prepared to walk her to fetch them tomorrow. I told her we would not expect her to do that. I will be happy to walk them over first thing on Tuesday.

Will they be ready for me to walk over first thing so as to reduce Mrs. Jackson’s anxiety?

I suspect that this unfortunate and somewhat embarrassing situation – stats not being received – reflects the circumstances of your late arrival
and early departure yesterday.



A – I wasn’t “completing stats” I was FIXING his screw-ups where he MADE-UP numbers and then got busted.

B – “I” was fixing his screw-ups because Ms. Jackson didn’t want to even deal with him.

C – I never told him I had finished them…. which means he’s making more crap up.

D – Ms. Jackson should have checked her e-mail before calling him …. I sent them to her at 3:03pm!!! An HOUR before she called him looking for them.

E – I’ll take ANY time off that I want, regardless of having to fix his screw-ups.

F – I didn’t “leave early” I had worked THROUGH my lunch hour fixing his mistakes, so I left 35 mins early in lieu of a lunch hour.



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