Chipotle Honey Bacon

This afternoon I made a batch of Chipotle Honey Bacon…OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! It’s deadly! An absolutely deadly pairing of two of my favorites, bacon and chipotle. Oh wow! Yesterday at the butcher shop I had him cut me thick slices from a huge hunk of slab bacon sitting in the case. I cooked it slowly on the griddle, until it was almost crispy. I zipped the sauce around in my little food processor and after draining the bacon on paper towels I coated it with the Chipotle Honey glaze, slapped the pieces onto a cooling rack placed on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and then baked it at 325 for about twenty-five minutes, turning and reglazing the pieces a time or two.

OH MAN!!!!! It was deadly. Bad enough that I dared not leave it in my house for fear I would eat the entire pound in one evening. So I packed it in a container and take it to church with me to get it out of my house.

And there it sat on the pew between Ryan and I all during the service. I caught him eyeballing it several times but as soon as church was over Austin grabbed the container and headed out the door. The COMBS boys tore it up! I knew they would and I’ve already had requests to make it again. Gotta love those boys!


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